Ocean Energy in India

Ocean Energy Introduction: Oceans cover 70 percent of the earth’s surface and represent an enormous amount of energy in the form of wave, tidal, marine current and thermal gradient. A variety of different technologies are currently under development throughout the world to harness this energy in all its forms. Deployment is currently limited but the …

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Largest Solar Power Plants in the World

List of Solar Parks in India

Sl. No. State Solar Park Implementation Status Name / Locataion Capacity (MW) In-principle Approval (Date) Implementing Agency (SPPD) 0 A and N Islands A&N Solar Park, South Andaman Dist at 1. Mithakhari, 2. Havelock Island,  3. Neil Island, 4. Garacharama (Attam Pahar), 5. Chidiyatapu 100 21-08-2015 NTPC 1 Andhra Pradesh Anantpur Ultra Mega Solar Park, …

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Pavagada - world largest solar park

World’s largest Solar Park: Shakti Sthala

The Chief Minister of Karnataka recently inaugurated the first phase of a 2,000 megawatts (MW) solar park in the drought-prone Pavagada region of Tumkur district, about 180km from Bengaluru. The southern state claims that this solar park is the World’s largest solar park. The park has been named as “Shakti Sthala”. The park’s development is anchored by the …

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Stakeholders of Zero Investment Solar Power Plant

Various Stakeholders of Zero Investment Solar Plant

A commercially successful Solar PV plant is a product of multiple stages of intense effort by several stakeholders and collaborators. Additionally, with useful life of solar plant being more than 25 years, it requires long-term dedicated commitment of multiple teams for successful operation throughout the life. Before, going through the various stakeholders of zero investment …

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