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Why you should go for Solar Power for your home?

Green Power:

  • Switching to solar is advisable considering the current global warming-climate change scenario and air pollution caused by Thermal power plants. Installation of 100 KWp of Solar power system, saves about 110 tonnes of Carbon-di-oxide gas emission and equals to carbon absorption done by approximately 4,000 trees.

Minimum Operating & Maintenance:

  • The solar power system has no running parts like generator and so has minimum operating and maintenance cost. Also, unlike generator, system does not produce any noise or vibrations.

Long-service life:

  • The solar-panels used for producing electricity has service life of 25 years.

Medium term payback period:

  • Investment on solar power plant payback its cost in period 4-5 years, through savings in electrical bills, after which, the client has next to free electricity supply for next 15-20 years. A 6 KW capacity of solar rooftop generates close to 8,000-10,000 units annually.

Protection from future rise in electricity costs:

  • The grid power costs increases at an average rate of 2-5% per annum. Switching to solar also guarantees protection against any such rise in electricity tariff.


  • Rajasthan Renewable Energy Limited (RRECL) is providing 30% subsidy for home-owners going for Rooftop Net-metering solar power systems.

Cost of switching to Solar for Homes

RRECL has finalized rates for Residential customers and additionally it also provides 30% subsidy, going for rooftop net-metering solar power plants as under:

1KWp – 10 KWp @ 53.65 Rs/ Watt – 30% Subsidy = Net Cost = 37.555 Rs/watt.

10KWp – 50 KWp @ 49.25 Rs/Watt – 30% Subsidy. Net Cost = 34.475 Rs/Watt.

50 KWp- 500 KWp @ 46.80 Rs/Watt – 30% Subsidy. Net Cost = 32.76 Rs/Watt.