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India's first Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) & Asset Trading Platform

Online Marketplace

ReneX is India’s first online market place bringing Investors, Developers, EPC Companies & Freelancers to common platform.

Solar PPA's & Projects

The platform supports buying & selling of Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) and Installed PV Projects.

Trust & Transparency

The platform verifies both Investors & projects for Sale and provides trust & transparency in the dealings.

What is RenEX is India’s first electronic marketplace which enables buyers and sellers to explore the best available options to trade their solar project letter of intent (LOI’s), power purchase agreements (PPA’s) and installed solar power projects. aggregates sellers and buyers which in turn allows them to explore best suitable options w.r.t to buying and selling financial instruments related to solar power.

The platform helps investors (buyers) interested in investing in solar power projects in India explore various – existing (installed PV projects) and upcoming ( LOI’s & PPA’s) solar projects. On the other hand, it helps various consumers, business developers, EPC companies who have credible projects to seek out investment.

The front-end platform of is supported by a dedicated and experienced team from technical, commercial and financial fields that assists each Investor and Seller to trade in the most authentic, mutually beneficial and rewarding ways.

Trade Solar PV Projects

Use ReneX to buy/sell operational solar PV projects including both Rooftop & Ground-mounted projects.

Trade Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

ReneX is platform to buy/sell Power Purchase Agreements, LOI, seek Investment for your yet to be developed solar power project.

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Why use ReneX:

Reliable Data

Verified Generation data, PPA rates, Returns to make choice simpler.

Verified Investors

ReneX takes initiative to verify the Investors


Time Saving

Transparent, Independent information sharing to save time.

Why Use Renex

How to Trade:


Use India’s first online marketplace to sell your PV system or get investment for your solar project Letter of Intent (LOI’s), Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) successfully. It only takes three simple steps to list your PV system & PPA’s on ReneX. Additionally each user gets custom dashboard to see interested Investors for the project or PPA.

Step 1: Register as Seller.

Register on portal. Choose  “Seller“as role while registering

Step 2: Complete Profile.

On Dashboard, Complete the profile to enable seamless communication.

Step 3: Register Project / PPA

Register the PV Project/ PPA on Seller Dashboard using Submit Project tab.

Step 4: Explore Offers

Explore offers received from verified investors & edit projects/PPA to get more Investors interested.

Whether project rights or system in operation, whether the system is small or large, ground- or rooftop mounted, new or old – with an access to over 6.000 potential investors you can find the right buyer within just a week. Use our net worth calculator to easily determine the value of your system.

Buyer / Investor:

Find your right PV system or Upcoming Solar Project to invest in, with the India’s first online marketplace for Solar Projects. We offer plenty of verified projects online. Small or large, ground- or rooftop mounted, project rights, turnkey projects or systems in operation – here you’ll find what you are looking for.

Step 1: Register as Buyer

Register on portal. Choose  “Buyer“as role while registering

Step 2: Complete Profile.

On Dashboard, Complete the profile to enable seamless communication.

Step 3: Explore Project / PPA to Invest

Explore solar projects and PPA’s up for Investment/Selling, evaluate technically & financially.

Step 4: Explore Projects / PPA's

Get complete seller & Project/PPA details. Conclude secondary checks and close.

As a registered & verified Investor/Buyer you get access to all the relevant commercial and technical data of the projects offered. With the help of our transparent marketplace you will find the PV system that matches your search criteria.

Get ReneX to Work for you