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YellowHaze Energy provides three types of rooftop solutions
to cater diverse requirements of our clients

On-Grid Rooftop system:

This rooftop system is connected with your home as well as the grid near your home. This rooftop system provides your home with the required electricity, any extra electricity which is produced will be transferred to the grid directly. Net Metering policy has been introduced by the Indian government, in which electricity meter in your home reverses by the amount of units which is transferred to the grid. However there is one negative aspect of On-Grid systems, in case of power cuts, all the electricity produced by the solar panels will be wasted.

Off-Grid Rooftop system:

Rooftop solution designed for those who are not connected to the grid or who wanted stand-alone power solutions. Off-grid systems are perfect for people living in remote areas with no source of electricity.

Hybrid Rooftop System:

This system is combination of both on-grid and off-grid systems. It includes supply from both solar panels and electricity grids. Further, it also has battery system which provides power backup when both panels & grid system fail. When the battery system is fully charged and there is excess electricity production, there can also be provision for feeding extra electricity back to grid. Hence the hybrid system incorporates benefits of grid connected system, an opportunity to earn by transferring extra electricity to grid and peace of mind during power blackouts.

What We Provide

At YellowHaze Energy we are well equipped to provide all three rooftop solutions with the best of the quality of components. Once we receive a request/order for the rooftop energy solutions, our engineers will visit the site to study the location. After inspection, we will provide you best rooftop solutions possible according to the clients need. After the completion of the project, YellowHaze also provides regular maintenance service and review of the system.