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It takes more than a will to GO GREEN, Finance is one of the biggest factors which restrict one from adopting solar energy.

Although price of the Solar PV Installation is lower than ever still for an individual/company it cost a hefty amount of money to install solar panels on his roof. With YELLOW HAZE, you will never have to worry about finances for your solar energy, with wide variety of project financing available with us. From the stated financing options customer can choose any model which suits its present status

Proportion of External Financing 100% Finance of CAPEX 75 – 50% Finance of CAPEX
Description The client signs a Power Purchasing Agreement(PPA) with us, then pays for electricity produced by Solar Panels at PPA Price. The clients takes a loan at a fixed interest rate.
Duration of Agreement 15 – 25 Years 5 – 12 Years
Payment Terms Monthly payment based on the units of electricity produced & PPA price agreed. Fixed monthly payments
Government Incentives Not applicable Can apply for Accelerated Depreciation or Capital Subsidy
Break Even From day 1 Between 2 – 3 years

Why Us??

Identifying the best financing institution with the lowest interest rates and then applying for financing with all the documents including DPR, Viability reports, Risk mitigation reports etc. can be very time consuming and complex in nature. With YELLOW HAZE at your side we negotiate on your be-half while preparing all the documents. You can reap the benefits of GREEN Energy with we handling all the process.