Month: May 2017

Rajasthan Government waives off Electricity Duty for Solar users

Udaipur Solar Power additional Subsidy - smart city

In a recent development in Rajasthan, all consumers of electricity have now being exempted from Electricity Duty on Solar and will be charged ED only for the units they draw from the grid. This would be valid till March 2018.  As per Mr. Sunil Bansal, General Secretary, Rajasthan Solar Association, ED was being on all units …

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Smart Grid Technology (SGT)

Smart Grid Technology

Counted among the most important innovations of the 20th century, Smart Grid Technology is used to prevent wastage, tampering and misuse of electricity. Here communication technology plays a vital role, computer, microprocessors, micro-controllers etc are used to control the supply and distribution of electricity. Much in the way that a “smart” phone these days means …

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Solar Water Pump System

Small to large farms cannot survive without sufficient irrigation; in most of rural areas there is no regular supply of electricity and hence traditional means include use of animal power driven oxen & wheel system or high cost renting of diesel pump set. YellowHaze Energy’s solar energy based water pump is an efficient & cost-effective …

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