News Report: India misses green energy targets for FY-13

Original News:

Renwable energy addition target: 4325 Mw
Renewable energy added capacity: 3640 Mw
Total renewable capacity: 31,707 Mw
*all in Mw

Energy Capacity Resource wise
Energy Capacity Resource wise

In FY13, India missed the green energy target despite strong contribution from solar. But lapse of incentive scheme and uncertainties over policy framework hit the capacity addition in the wind sector. The wind energy based capacity addition during FY 2013 had fallen sharply on account of discontinuation of tax depreciation benefits, lack of clarity on continuation of generation based incentives (GBI), besides issues related to grid connectivity & evacuation of wind power in states like Tamil Nadu. Recovery in wind capacity addition in FY2014 was aided by the re-introduction of generation-based incentive (GBI) scheme in September 2013, according to rating agency Icra.

India’s Renewable Enrgy mix at march-2013 stands at:


Whereas India’s total Energy mixcomes down to:



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